When to say you are sorry

When to Say You’re Sorry

When to say you are sorryThere are moments when your woman suddenly doesn’t want to talk to you or see you. She will make up excuses not to go out on a date with you or prevent you from visiting her. You may start wondering why she’s doing these things to you when you know deep down that you haven’t done anything wrong to her.
Before you conclude that your woman simply doesn’t want you anymore or that she’s seeing someone else, you have to analyze what happened to both of you before she started acting peculiar. Bear in mind that women tend to be very emotional. You might have said or done something wrong to her which you were unaware of.

Here are the common signs that tell you when you need to apologize to her:

She’s giving you the silent treatment

She doesn’t answer your calls or messages. She’s always making up excuses such as she forgot her phone, she was on a meeting, she got caught up in her work, and many more.

She doesn’t want to go out

You invited her to have dinner at the new restaurant or to watch the latest romance flick and she declined your invitation. This only means one thing: she doesn’t want to go out with you. She even makes excuses like she’s sick or busy with work.

She’s easily irritated by you

Does she used to like it when you tell corny jokes to her but now she just rolled her eyes at you? Does she find it sweet to receive sweet messages in her phone from you but now she doesn’t even message you back? Well, it’s because she’s irritated and doesn’t want to accept the fact that she still enjoys these gestures from you.

Once your woman shows these signs, it’s time you have a heart to heart talk together and patch things up. Ask her what you did wrong and apologize to her. Promise her that you’ll be more careful next time and that you won’t do anything that can destroy your relationship.