Should You Have A Retaliation Affair?

casual affair classifiedsIs a revenge affair the answer?

Revenge can be the best medicine for a bad situation and it is often the perfect way to get back at your cheating lover. If you’ve been betrayed by your partner then it might just be time for a little affair of your own, designed specially to get back at them. Why should you be the one feeling all of the pain of an affair when you can have one of your own and enjoy revenge and the pleasure of a new partner all at the same time? If you’re ready to get back at your partner with your own retaliation affair, here are a few tips for how to do it:

Shop the classifieds.

Online classifieds are the easiest way to find a willing partner when you’re ready for a little revenge sex. Browse a huge selection of people who are primed and ready for a night of hot sex, which can be just what you need to recover after your partner has had an affair. Search the classifieds in your area to find a wide variety of people who are ready for strings-free sex that you can get great pleasure out of while also getting back at your cheating partner.

Hit the bar.

Not just any area bar will do when you’re on the lookout for a revenge-sex partner. The best kind of bar for meeting people to hook up with is a hotel or airport bar. They’re full of people who are looking for a little casual fun while they’re passing through the area, making them the perfect type for a no-strings-attached affair to get back at your partner.

Check out your co-workers.

Inter-office romances are one of the easiest types of affairs to have, simply because you spend so much time together. If you have a hot colleague who you’d love to hook up with then now might be the right time, giving you the satisfaction and the revenge you want all at the same time, creating the perfect formula for a casual encounter.

Online dating sites.

British UK Dating sites differ from classifieds in that they give you options, whether you’re looking for a relationship or just want to find casual sex. With a dating site, you can set up a profile and specify exactly the type of relationship you’re after, whether it’s casual sex encounter, an extramarital affair, or anything else.

Take it online.

Some people want to have a retaliation affair but they’re not ready for full-fledged sex with another partner. The perfect middle ground is an online affair. Fool around on a live cam site or have hot cyber sex in a chat room. You don’t have to meet in person to have a sexual encounter that will make your partner’s head spin with jealousy.

Turn to a friend.

If you have a close friend who also happens to be incredibly sexy, now might be your chance to get some action while you can justify it as revenge sex. Sometimes it’s easiest to take a look at the people you already have around you instead of searching for someone new to have an affair with. Sleeping with a friend is usually very easy to cover up because it’s with someone you already spend time with, so it won’t raise any red flags if you tell your partner that you’re getting together to hang out. They just don’ t need to know the details of your casual sex encounter unless you really want them to.

Try one of their friends.

Proceed with caution on this one and attempt it only if you really want to hurt someone who has cheated on you. Having a revenge sex encounter with one of your partners friends is a pretty harsh punishment to inflict on someone, so only take this course of action if you really want to make a point. The friend in question should also be prepared to take the heat when the two of your are discovered. This option is not for the faint of heart or for those who aren’t one hundred percent certain that they want to go through with revenge sex.

Are you sure?

Once you have a retaliation affair encounter there’s no going back, no matter how casual it is, so make sure you’re certain that this is the course of action that you want to take to get back at your cheating partner. Proceed only if you’re sure there’s nothing else you can do for your relationship, whether it’s couples counselling or a trial separation. Once you’ve cheated too you can’t undo your actions and are stuck with the permanent consequences of whatever type of affair you choose to have. In some cases couples are able to repair their relationships after an affair and become closer than ever, while others are faced with the end of their relationship. Only you can make the final decision on whether or not a retaliation affair is what your relationship needs or is what you’re willing to do.