Can Having An Affair Actually Save Your Marriage? Some Say Yes!

personal adult affairHow cheating can help your marriage

Affairs happen in so many relationships, and while marriages are all unique, infidelity usually happens for the same several reasons. When one partner is unfaithful in their marriage it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship is over. Many couples are able to work through it, and in some cases having an affair can actually help a marriage. Here are some of the common reasons why people have affairs and how cheating on your spouse can actually help improve a marriage.

Why Do Affairs Happen?

Whether it’s the man’s fault or the woman is to blame these are some of the factors that can cause affairs to happen:


When one or both of the people in the marriage feel lonely or isolated they are more likely to look for companionship elsewhere. When the people within an adult couple become too busy with their personal lives that they can’t make time for each other then loneliness can start to creep in. It’s common to feel like you never see your partner except to talk about household logistics, leaving lots of room for a person to feel empty and unfulfilled in the marriage, causing them to find someone else who will be there for them. That’s the number one reason why men and women start using live cam dating sites.

Unmet sexual needs

Couples going through dry spells is a normal part of adult life, but sometimes periods of not having sex can be so pronounced that one of the people in the relationship feels the need to find satisfaction from someone else. People can only go so long without having their sexual needs met and it’s a personal choice to find another man or woman outside of the marriage to have an affair with. Feeling desired by someone else is half of the solution right off the bat, and being able to act on sexual desires with another person can give a spouse all of the pleasure that they’ve been missing in their marriage.

Unmet emotional needs

It’s common for a married adult to feel that they’ve drifted away from their partner and this void can grow over time. When a couple is emotionally disconnected it’s easy to see why one or more of the people in a marriage would find someone else to give them the personal attention they desire. When there’s a communication breakdown in a marriage it’s only natural to want to substitute your partner for someone else who will give them what they want emotionally.


Revenge affairs are a common way of retaliating after one spouse has cheated first. When one partner betrays the personal trust between a couple the other person will often have the desire to hurt them in the same way, by having an affair with someone else. They want to feel like they’re getting back at their cheating spouse and punishing them for their actions.

Can An Affair Help A Marriage?

It might seem crazy that cheating on your husband or wife can actually be a good thing in a marriage but it’s possible. Here’s how:

Takes the pressure off

It’s a lot of pressure to put onto one person when you expect them to meet all of your emotional, personal, and sexual needs at all times. Having an affair takes some of the strain off of the couple, letting them find another local adult to relieve some of the stress of putting all of your hopes and desires all on one person. Having an affair can spread your needs out a little and give you and your spouse a little bit more breathing room with less pressure on your marriage.

Promotes happiness

When each adult in a couple is happy and fulfilled the relationship thrives. If being with another man or woman is what’s needed to keep a couple happy then by all means do it. Havig sex with someone outside of the marriage can be highly satisfying and give a person all of the happiness and pleasure they need to go back to their spouse in a great mood, helping the couple be happier overall. Positivity is contagious and when one half of a couple is more fulfilled and joyful in their own personal life, it’s infectious, letting both people enjoy the good feelings stemming from sleeping with someone outside of the marriage.

Increases sexual chemistry

When one or more of the adults in a marriage has an affair it makes the sex between them even hotter when they come back together. Knowing that you or your partner has been with someone else gives your personal sex life a scandalous and naughty vibe that many couples swear improves their marriage. When a couple is having hot sex in their marriage they are closer and their bond is tighter, even if it means one of them needed to be unfaithful in order to make it happen.