Four classic online dating picture ideas

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The importance of sticking to the classics

When it comes to taking the best profile pictures in Nelson, NZ, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, it’s important for online dating users to stick to the classic forms of picture taking. There’s a reason why these pictures have worked for so many others, and that’s basically because they work. When taking any of the following pictures, online hookup website users virtually guarantee themselves a reply from a hot prospective partner.

Show your most casual look

One of the best dating pictures to take is a casual one. Casual pictures show you in your most natural state of mind, and people always find that attractive. A simple picture of you having a cup of coffee or getting ready to bike ride to work can actually do wonders in sparking the imagination of your prospective partner.

Show your intellectual side

When sorting through dating pictures, people ted to gravitate towards photos that show some extent of intellectualism. For instance, a picture of you reading a book while wearing your reading glasses can, in this progressive day and age, be seen as sexy by your prospective online partner. Of course, being yourself and being genuine to who you are is always more important than giving off a specific impression. So, when taking an intellectual picture, only show yourself doing an intellectual activity that you would otherwise be doing anyway. Don’t be a poser by posing for a dishonest picture.

Show your happy side

A happy picture is tried and true, for good reason. Pictures of you smiling happily toward the camera are among the very best online profile photos. This is because people are naturally attractive toward a big, genuine smile. Once again, I must stress the importance of being genuine here. Even if your intention is to portray a content impression through a picture, anyone who looks at that picture will immediately know if the smile was faked. For that reason, taking a happy picture when you weren’t feeling particularly happy at that time can actually be counter productive. When taking these kinds of photos, make sure that you are in the right mind to do so. If you are, your potential significant other won’t likely be able to resist your pearly whites.

Show your sexual pictures

Sexual pictures are largely binary – they can be extremely successful, or they can singularly serve to ruin your chances of hooking up with someone online. The rule of thumb here – at least, for those who are concerned with not coming across as a total creeper – is to only send sexual pictures to someone online when they are totally warranted. This means that you should only elect to send her a sexy picture when there is some degree of sexting going on, or if it looks like sexting will be occurring imminently. Of course, if she sends you a sexy picture first, she is basically rolling out the red carpet for you to send her one in turn. In these situations, your sexy picture can be the main conduit to getting you laid. On the other hand, if you’re discussing something banal and commonplace, like her favorite movie or what she studied in school, sending her a sexy picture in the middle of that would seem completely out of place, and might serve to sever your chances with her. Be mindful and strategic when sending sexy pictures, and they might just work out for you.