Essential Tips on Winning an Argument with Your Mate

Arguments are usually nothing more that a form of conflict resolution. But feuds have other origins such as a means of control if initiated by a bully. Or they can be a cry for attention from the drama queen. Disagreements can arise from emotions such as jealousy, outrage, or fear. Some develop as a result of over inflated egos. Whatever the source, the response to verbal aggression differs greatly. Some people will avoid disputes at all costs. Even if that cost is their dignity. The anxiety raised by a squabble can cause some to cower and raise the white flag. Others will initiate a fight at the drop of a hat. Often the cost associated with these people is a fatal injury to their relationship. Sometimes there are no means of controlling a dispute. You must preserve your self respect so bootlicking is NOT an option. Your only recourse is to win. And really, when you think about it, human nature has infused a competitive streak in each of us. Embrace your intellectual superjock and go for the gold. Hold your head high and win that fight.

Tactics to Win Any Argument, Every Time

The first requirement to winning an argument is to simply know your facts. Remember the old adage: “knowledge is power.” If you are spouting off garbage that your read in some rag magazine to support your point of view, not only do you look like an idiot, but more importantly, you have lost credibility. Be ready and able to support your perspective with unequivocal facts. If the argument is heated and voices are being raised nobody is going to hear your expert testimony. Therefore there is a part “B” to this, which is remaining calm in spite of the out of control emotions attacking your tympanic membranes. Research has shown that a gentle, low key response will de-escalate most volatile situations. The next important key to winning any argument is confidence. Combining calm with confidence makes your words believable (even if they are total fiction). Confidence is the recipe of winners, and since that is the goal, you had better bring a bucket full to the fight. Another important aspect is keep your perspective logical. In other words, stick to IQ rather than resorting to EQ. I have been pretty clear that emotions only add fuel to the fire, so put them in a pocket so the can be put to better use to make up sex.

One final yet important suggestion, listen to your opponent. Show them respect. And sometimes you need to weigh the consequences of winning. If throwing in the towel makes your loved one feel validated and strengthens the relationship, in a roundabout way, you remain victorious.

What follows is a generic yet very possible scenario of an unexpected argument and the application of the aforementioned handy hints to help you win that dispute. More importantly, these tips will help you be triumphant in any feud, anytime and with anyone.

winning an argumentwinning an argument with words not volume

New Relationship, Conflict Resolution

So you have entered your profile in a few online dating sites and gotten a couple hits. Awesome! After a little conversation, some texting and a few selfies you decide to meet for coffee. A few weeks go by and all seems unbelievably great with your new interest. You both seem to agree on everything. Suddenly and without warning, you have your very first disagreement. You don’t even know what crap hit the fan!

Since you don’t know what triggered this outburst, your first job is to find that out. But how can you do accomplish this when she is screaming obscenities? Did you forget to open a door for her or belch in public? I apologize for my sarcasm as it minimizes the transgression and paints women as emotional bitches. It is entirely possible that you unquestionably offended her by spending more time looking at other women rather than appreciating the goddess sitting right in front of your face. So, back to the quest of locating the cause of her anger. The first step is to keep your voice calm regardless of her vocal demeanor. Raising your voice only increases the cumulative volume thereby cancelling out the possibility of anybody actually being heard. Communicate respect and listen to her grievance. So, based on all the suggestions in the previous paragraph, do you dazzle her with confidence and facts… nope. Do you make excuses and invalidate her concerns… nope. Do you weigh the importance of this relationship and based on that decide it is better to (sincerely) apologize and move forward… yes. Now, and only now, can you take that EQ that was tucked away and lavish her with tenderness and your undivided attention.

How to Promote a Healthy Relationship by Unleashing Her Kinky Curiosities

Has your relationship become a little “stale” in the bedroom? Has it come to scheduling that one day per month for sex as if it were a trip to the grocery store ? Do you want to put the SEX back into your woman’s sex drive? Maybe you need to change that nice to naughty to spice things up. In other words, there is a dirty girl just waiting to reveal her slutty side, now go find her! The question is, how do you achieve this in a healthy, mutually beneficial manner?

inner slutreveal her inner slut

Tips for Eliciting Her Kinky Curiosities

First and foremost, let your woman know she is desirable. Sounds pretty basic, eh? Remember flirting? It becomes all but lost in long standing relationships. Take her out on an unscheduled date, maybe a candle lit dinner. Be romantic but give those sexual pheromones wings by complimenting her hair, her eyes and yes, even her ass. Let her know her body is beautiful and alluring. Believe it or not, you are setting the stage for communication. SAY WHAT?! Yes, I said communication. Women have an innate need for deep communication. If you are wondering why, the answer is simple: it helps them feel safe.

Communication is the Key to Summoning Hidden Sexual Desires

When I speak of communication, I am not referring to discussions about the weather or the kids last orthodontist appointment. If you want to summon her nasty girl, you need to ask her about her sexual curiosities. Provocative acts that she has given thought to yet never had the courage to explore. What fantasies lie in wait deep inside like a dirty dark secret? Have fun with the conversation and show her your excitement! Excitement is contagious. Remember this, you are not only helping her to feel safe, you are catapulting her sex drive. Listen to her and be prepared to bring some suggestions to the table that will benefit both partners on this new path of sexual bliss.

Time to Actualize the Inner Slut

After your seductive date and titillating conversation, it is finally time to put words to actions; all the while, still having fun and being flirtatious. Being too serious quickly deflates one’s confidence when trying something new and socially taboo. The idea is to have fun and invite that dirty girl out to play. After dinner, the two of you go home. Now what? It’s not like you have kinky play toys stashed in the bedroom closet. Maybe you start with some whipped cream and chocolate fudge and see where that leads. Possibly, your earlier conversation revealed a hidden desire to role play or engaging in sex in unusual places like the pool table. The goal is the big “O” (again and again)! We naturally want to please our mates. What better way is there to accomplish that desire? As trust and confidences grow, she becomes more adventurous. Before you know it, your woman is out buying delicious lingerie and fuzzy handcuffs. Congratulations, you have unleashed her inner slut!

How Does “Kinky” Contribute to Healthy Relationships?

Many people struggle with insecurities in the bedroom.Let’s face it, it is frightening to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. It is not uncommon to feel the fear of rejection with the very thought of unveiling your true sexual desires. Unfortunately, this cultivates an atmosphere of secrets, mistrust and sexual disatisfaction. Couples grow disinterested in predictable, undeviating love making. It creates a landslide of decreasing intimacy. All that is left in the union is the daily hum-drum. We’ve all seen it. “How was your day Dear?” He goes to his man-cave to read the sports section while you wash the dinner dishes. Isn’t it time to put down that paper and dish rag and reignite your relationship with some sexual excitement?

Studies have found that people who partake in unorthodox sexual practices were on average more confident, as well as extroverted. Their willingness to step out of a pre-established comfort zone made them better lovers. The ability to give voice to your sexual desires makes one more comfortable with your sexuality. It also creates an open dialogue for your partner’s needs to be heard as well.

So what is the lesson here? Being bolder in the bedroom is psychologically beneficial for the individual and thereby makes for a healthier relationship. This imparts trust and communication which is the very foundation of long term partnerships. If you want more tips on kink elicitation and why it is an essential ingredient for a healthy relationship,follow this link: tips for a healthy relationship.

So break those barriers of insecurity! Throw away the anxiety of stepping out of social norms. Take control of your sexual relationship and bring it to a bold new level. Experiment, have fun and for fucks sake, have many, many orgasms.

Not Everyone Knows How To Meet Single Men In London

Not everyone is expert at meeting men. Some of us get giddy like we’re back in middle school, making meeting single men very uncomfortable. If approaching a guy in a bar is the last thing you feel like you can do, you may be looking for another way to find guys. In the past the only real way to meet guys was to go to a bar and hope that someone approaches you. If you aren’t fond of waiting around for Mr. Right, or don’t enjoy cheesy pick-up lines, that may not be your idea of fun. The problem is that you are tired of being alone. The good news? There is another option for finding the perfect guy in London. The internet has given women a whole new venue to find the man of their dreams. No need to wait around, or hope that he comes along, you can take the bull by the horns and make the first move.

approaching a guy

Tired of the bar scene?

Being the aggressor is the key to how to meet single men in London

If the very last thing you can ever find yourself being is the aggressor, the internet is for you. You are able to go through hundreds of men in your area and send them a quick message that you are interested. Instead of being a wall flower, you can put yourself out there. The best part about it is that you won’t have to feel the sting of rejection. If a guy isn’t mutually interested, he probably either won’t answer at all, or will let you down easy. It isn’t like when he is standing in front of you, saying it to your face. It gives you a new sense of empowerment to be the one who gets to approach first. All those years of having to be “lady-like” and wait are over. The internet is the best way how to meet single men in London.

What are the best sites how to meet single men in London?

The best site depends on your location, your preferences, and your level of seriousness. I found an interesting guide who teach you everything that you need to know about how to meet single men in the UK (Visit this site). There are some sites that are just for singles to hookup. They are called fling sites. They were created for people to meet for nothing more than, well, a fling. If you are looking for something more serious, you may want to try a different type of site. Some sites match singles professionally with computer programs. They have you sign up and create a personality profile. Once completed, they find men in your area who they think will be the best “match” for you. Using different criteria such as demographics and interest, they are able to create the perfect union based on what responses the two people give to poignant questions. If you are somewhere in between, there are sites that allow you just to look through profiles of men to find the guy that you find attractive. Once you have found him you can simply send him a quick “hi” to let him know that you are interested. Yes, it really is that easy. The right site for one person may not be for another. Before you sign on make sure you know what type of site you are putting yourself onto. If you are on a site that is for a long term relationship and that isn’t what you want, you aren’t going to have as much success as if you were on the site that has people who are like-minded in what their goals are.

meet single men

Find someone to make you smile

How to create your profile

The best way to create your profile is to be honest. Sure, we all want to get chosen, but if you put things in your profile which aren’t exactly true, no one is going to be happy with the result. There is a reason why a guy chooses a woman on the site. They either find them attractive, or they like their profile. If you are using a picture that is 20 years old, or saying that you like to jump out of airplanes when you are more of a book reader, that isn’t going to get you what you want. Make sure to create a profile that fairly represents not only who you are, but what you want. A dating site isn’t like a bar. You don’t have to pretend not to want a relationship, or to want one. It is the most honest way to date. Likewise, before you reach out to anyone, make sure to read their profile. Just because you find them attractive does not mean that they are the right one for you. There are people who are hot, but are not that much fun to be with. Being discriminate is warranted. When you are on the internet there really are plenty of fish in the sea.

Popularity of UK online dating can be attributed to various factors

Since the option came into existence, online dating has spread like wildfire. People register with the general or niche dating sites depending on their preference and enjoy searching for potential dates. Some find the love of their lives online and some others find partners to enjoy short-term relationships. Popular adult dating sites cater to those who want casual affairs, maybe even on-night stands. The options are endless and it is up to you to choose the right dating site catering to your specific needs. There are many reasons why cheating sites are so popular today.

adult dating sites for Britains and Irishs

Some find the love of their lives online and some others find partners to enjoy short-term relationships.

People get to cheat on their partners secretly

Having a secret affair without the knowledge of your spouse or partner is not very easy. Apart from the internet, there is no other safe mode of communication that will safeguard your secret. Even if you browse on the adult dating sites and interact with potential dates, you must remember to erase the browsing history if you share a computer at home. Adult dating sites offer the perfect platform where you can interact with any number of members you fancy and go out on dates with them. You can meet up in an agreed upon location, enjoy a few hours of casual sex and go your ways. This is one of the major advantages offered by the popularUK cheating sites. After finding a reliable dating site with the help of reviews and information you will find on this British blog for cheaters, you can have great fun. In order to carry through your infidelity without getting caught, choose the right UK infidelity sites.

The best UK fling sites to your rescue

Many dream of having sex with the most attractive women or handsome men. I am sure the most secret desires of millions of men and women can be fulfilled by the top adult dating sites. These sites make it easy for men and women to enjoy any number of flings without getting emotionally involved. This means, the relationships are purely physical and nothing more. The best UK fling sites offer members unlimited features to make their experience worth it. On most of the sites, you can sign in with a fake name and refrain from giving your personal information at any stage. This makes these sites absolutely safe and secure. Read through guides such as for more information. Find the best UK hookup websites that will make sure that all your weekends are booked.

UK dating sites are highly tempting

When you start hunting for UK personals sites suited to your specific needs, make sure you look for the ones that have a lot of real members. You can find reviews and information at Read through a lot of user reviews to identify genuine sites rather than being taken in by tall claims. You can then shortlist a few dating sites and further compare them with each another to pick the best. Keep away from scam sites that try to fool users into paying and registering with them. There are sites that feature scam profiles where members try to cheat unsuspecting users asking for financial assistance with their sob stories. When you are dating online, it is better to work with your head rather than your heart. Stay alert to any suspicious activities to make life easier and your online dating experience enjoyable.
Get smart and pick your dates with care. Follow all safety precautions and always ensure you have safe sex. If you are enjoying a string of one-night stands, be very discreet and ensure that you never ever get caught and mess up your marriage or long-term relationship. You can certainly make use of the online adult dating opportunity and have a great time once in a while but not at the expense of your relationships.

Best Dating Sites offer best Results

Best Dating Sites in UK

Read this post to find out the best UK dating sites

Online dating is a phenomenon that has transformed the lives of many. People from different parts of the world interact with each other on the best dating sites and many of them are able to find a permanent partner too. A recent study proved that as many as 17 percent of married couples have met their partner through a dating site, just showing the kind of power this medium holds. Today, thousands of people are glued to dating sites round the clock, hoping to attract the attention of the partner they fancy. Majority of people frequenting the adult dating sites meet up on casual weekend dates or even hookup for an adult intimate encounter. All this, though, is possible only if you choose the best dating sites.

best UK affair dating sites for you

When I decided to have a lot of fun to infuse some life into my boring relationship, I decided to try out adult dating. I am in a long-term relationship with Emma. She is a wonderful woman and we have no issues but it has been over seven years and there is definitely something lacking. I did not want to hurt Emma but I certainly needed the change. I first hunted around for sites that allowed UK members. I chose the best affair websites designed especially to help individuals get into a secret affair. One of the main highlights of good quality dating sites is that they instantly make you feel comfortable and allow you to meet hundreds of potential dates. What is important though is to come across affair dating sites that are as efficient as they claim to be. I decided to research my options before joining a site and spending a fortune. I took the help of The Best UK Affair Websites: Cheating Sites & Cheating Scams Exposed. Going through reviews of the top dating sites, I was able to shortlist the right UK websites on the basis of aspects like price, performance and efficiency.

the top UK based hook-up websites

People get hooked up to a date online for various reasons. While some may just want to enjoy a casual affair, some others may want a long term relationship. No matter why you wish to find a potential date online, the question remains as to how to get hooked right away without much of an effort. When I started browsing around, I was surprised to find hundreds of hookup sites. Initially I was really confused as to how to choose the best among them. I joined as a free member on many of those hookup websites and started gauging the quality of those sites. At The Best UK Hookup Websites: Fling Sites & Adult Dating Scams I came across a list of the top UK based hookup sites. I decided to try out a few of these hookup websites to see if they worked in my favor. After all, there is no point in joining a site that is not going to help you find a date, right? I wanted quick, positive results. I found a few sites that seemed to be effective and that featured a lot of authentic members. I decided to join a couple of time. Today, it is almost a year since I started dating and I have since enjoyed a string of interesting casual encounters.

UK dating site guides offer valuable advice

My exciting adult, casual dating journey continues and I have faced minimal challenges on the way. This is only because of the time I took to research my options. I know a few people who just plunged into adult dating registering with the first ever site they came across. They have faced disappointment and lost a lot of precious time even before they could find their first ever date online. Remember that a good dating guide will introduce you to the top dating websites. Instead of signing up with a small dating site, go for the larger and popular ones. Ideally, opt for a site that has hundreds of members. Resources such as The Best UK Dating Sites: Tests & Reviews Of The Top UK Websites will show you the way. Here you will find plenty of online dating reviews that will guide you in the right direction.

When to Say You’re Sorry

When to say you are sorryThere are moments when your woman suddenly doesn’t want to talk to you or see you. She will make up excuses not to go out on a date with you or prevent you from visiting her. You may start wondering why she’s doing these things to you when you know deep down that you haven’t done anything wrong to her.
Before you conclude that your woman simply doesn’t want you anymore or that she’s seeing someone else, you have to analyze what happened to both of you before she started acting peculiar. Bear in mind that women tend to be very emotional. You might have said or done something wrong to her which you were unaware of.

Here are the common signs that tell you when you need to apologize to her:

She’s giving you the silent treatment

She doesn’t answer your calls or messages. She’s always making up excuses such as she forgot her phone, she was on a meeting, she got caught up in her work, and many more.

She doesn’t want to go out

You invited her to have dinner at the new restaurant or to watch the latest romance flick and she declined your invitation. This only means one thing: she doesn’t want to go out with you. She even makes excuses like she’s sick or busy with work.

She’s easily irritated by you

Does she used to like it when you tell corny jokes to her but now she just rolled her eyes at you? Does she find it sweet to receive sweet messages in her phone from you but now she doesn’t even message you back? Well, it’s because she’s irritated and doesn’t want to accept the fact that she still enjoys these gestures from you.

Once your woman shows these signs, it’s time you have a heart to heart talk together and patch things up. Ask her what you did wrong and apologize to her. Promise her that you’ll be more careful next time and that you won’t do anything that can destroy your relationship.

Why Make Your First Date Environment Perfect?

What to do on the first dateConsider yourself very lucky if you have finally won your first date with the woman you desire. Now it’s up to you to make it perfect by making your first date environment absolutely wonderful.

So why should you go to so much trouble preparing for the big day? It’s very important that you set the right atmosphere for your first ever date with your dream girl. Here’s why:

  • The way your first date will turn out serves as a basis whether or not the girl will go out with you again. You have to create a good impression, one that will surely please your date. Take her somewhere you know she’ll truly love and will have a great time with you.
  • Your first date environment will set the mood for your date. If you’re in a dimly lit restaurant with very few people, you will both find it romantic compared to having to dine in a fancy but overcrowded venue.
  • Now you want your date to remember this day with you. Not only will it help you win another date with her but she can actually spread the word about how much she enjoyed your first date. This means you can easily gain her friends’ approval.

Sometimes it’s not just about the place or food that can affect the date. You yourself can set the right mood for your first date. Don’t be too nervous about it and just be yourself. She will enjoy your company more if you loosen up and start having a good time.

How to keep the Romance Alive in Relationships

It is not enough to date and woo the woman but also ensure that the magic of the beginning phase of a relationship stays consistently throughout. This ensures longevity and good health for any relationship. When you are in a relationship for a long time sometimes there is a sense of the romance fizzling out. It is quite natural for anyone to feel like the romance has died. But rather than fret and worry about it, start thinking of the different ways you can keep the romance alive. There are many things that can be done. Ideally, most people go out on romantic vacations to rekindle their initial romance. This is a good way in trying to bring back the magic in the relationship. This will involve tremendous amount of sacrifices for long term success in relationships. Don’t let your short term goals divert you from your true long term goal. It is important to be happy and also keep the other person in your life happy. So don’t get caught up in small things but train yourself to understand when your relationship needs a boost.

We become very self-conceited and ego centric and take for granted our relationships. Do not let this become you. Always be alert and the moment you feel the need to change your current situations, pack your bags and head out and have a great time. Don’t sit and ignore them

This will need a daring and adventurous personal. You need to take risks. Don’t be afraid of going all out. Fight for the relationship if you really feel that it is worth it. Don’t get disheartened. Don’t cry over spilt milk. Don’t wallow in self pity. Don’t think of the end as inevitable but learn to be bold and challenge yourself to overcome this period of difficulty. Know your strengths and weakness and your partners and do the needful. There are plenty of things you both can do and enjoy like joint classes in interesting activities like biking, pottery etc. Both of you can also go for date nights once a week. Just think and innovate and make life a big adventure. Don’t take up too many responsibilities. Just learn to share and enjoy yourself. A lot of problems arise due to one sided tensions and responsibilities. Delegate and enjoy each other’s company. Relationships are adventurous and do not always take everything seriously.